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This is where you will find the greatest music lessons in the universe for guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, drums, percussion, singing, reading music and music theory. This is especially true for beginners, intermediates, people who have always wanted to be musical but think they can't and teachers looking for supplemental resources that will help them teach their own students both privately and in the classroom.

MyMusicGod provides detailed, dynamic, comprehensive, complete and thorough step-by-step video music lessons that take the student by the hand explaining and demonstrating from every possible angle and perspective in order to ensure the student will learn quickly and easily, as well as understand and own exactly what he or she is learning. Each lesson is a methodical step-by-step blueprint for the guaranteed success of beginners, intermediates and even people who want to be musical but think they can't Yes, YOU CAN BE MUSICAL. Guaranteed!

  • Viruses
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  • MyMusicGod Subscription (Full Access To All Lessons All The Time)

    32 videos

    The greatest music lessons in the universe for guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, percussion, singing, reading music and music theory. Each lesson consists of several videos that provide methodical, comprehensive, step-by-step explanations and demonstrations that will make your learning experie...

  • Beginner Guitar - Complete Series (7 "Perfect" Lessons)

    11 videos

    These are the 7 "Perfect" greatest Beginner Guitar lessons in the universe.

  • Beginner Guitar (First Four Lessons) - COMMAND AND CONTROL

    7 videos

    The first 4 lessons in the Beginner Guitar series are all about developing COMMAND AND CONTROL over your guitar by learning: Proper Finger Picking Techniques; Proper Strumming and Rhythm; Properly Picking With A Pick; and Playing Notes Properly. When you develop and acquire those four fundamenta...

  • Beginner Guitar - Lesson 1

    4 videos

    Beginner Guitar, Lesson 1, is a series of videos that facilitate development of Finger Picking techniques and skills on acoustic guitars. Over time additional videos will be added to provide further support in the development of this important ability. Several songs that utilize Finger Picking ...

  • Intermediate Guitar - Complete Series (7 "Perfect" Lessons)

    6 videos

    Intermediate Guitar Lessons teach the most fundamental, important, useful, valuable and necessary techniques, skills and knowledge that exist within the realm of guitar playing to ensure you are on par to becoming the most accomplished, professional and expert guitar player you can be. They incl...

  • Piano
    7 videos


    7 videos

    The 7 greatest piano lessons in the universe. Each piano lesson is presented in a methodical, step-by-step, comprehensive, dynamic way covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced techniques, skills, knowledge and understanding. The entire series of lessons is a 7-Step "Perfect System" that wil...

  • Singing Lessons

    3 videos

    This Singing Introduction along with its tips, pointers and forthcoming Singing Lessons (Vocalizing Sessions) is the "Perfect" approach to developing your vocals and singing ability. It will transform you into a GREAT Singer EASY, FAST and FUN. Guaranteed!

  • Music Theory - On Piano

    5 videos

    The greatest music theory lesson in the universe. This is the ultimate and definitive "Perfect" presentation of Music Theory presented on the piano. It will transform your mind into completely understanding music and knowing how it works. And it will empower you musically. One student said: "...